So, this week I became more interested in the “No Logo” book we will be reading. But, with this week’s discussions were interesting. I think it was interesting to think about the binaries. It is true, when we start to think in extremes of black or white, we forget about all the gray area that exists in between. I agree that there are not always such extreme options. In many cases there are a lot of grey options that can be good options. What I hadn’t thought about, was the fact that we tend to favor one over the other when we think this way. Even when maybe option black would be the best option one day and option white the best option another day. If we start giving preference to option black, we develop a prejudice against option white.

Unfortunately for many women it is true that they were either virgins or whores. That really was, and still is, such a double standard for women. Women, especially in high school and college, are told they cannot sleep with guys. They cannot have sex with guys. However, guys are told that in order to be a man, they are to have sex with the women, but the women can’t have sex and the men can’t have sex with one another either. It really makes no sense. 

When it comes to women having equal rights, I think this is a good thing. I find it interesting that not everyone is aware of what has gone on to get to where we are today, not that it is a perfect system, but better than before. One video on youtube that I found kind of funny was a few guys going around an all girls’ school to have the girls sign a petition to end women’s suffrage. It was interesting to see how many girls wanted to end it. It is kind of a dumb video, but at the same time sad to see how it was taken for granted.


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