New Experience

This week I had a very interesting experience that made me think of class. I went to the bank to deposit my check and get cash for some bills. The bank was about to close. Just after I arrived, a black man with his wife came in. I only mention that he is black because it relates to the topic. The man was with his wife. They finished with the teller before I did and left the bank. As I got in my car the man came up to me and asked me to do him a favor. He and his wife needed to pay some bills at a pawn shop before it closed; however, they didn’t have a car and wouldn’t be able to get to the pawn shop on time. He asked me if I could give them a ride, so I told them I would. As soon as they got in the car he thanked me and said, “I realize you’re taking a risk, me being black and all.” I thought it was interesting. He has had enough experiences in life that have told him that white people don’t trust black people. I had no reason to not trust him. That is what made me decide to write my paper on media roles of Hispanics. I think that part of what this man learned was from the media and that part was from other negative personal experiences.
Now, I know that there seemed to be no connection between this man and Hispanics. My wife is Mexican. My children will have Mexican blood too. My wife and children will have to deal with the media roles of Hispanics. If the only roles that my children see are criminals, which are the majority of the roles for Hispanics right now, they may start thinking the same as this black man I met the other day. I thought this was kind of an interesting mix of the two books we have started reading so far.


One Response to “New Experience”

  1. Brittany Says:

    Hmm… I think of this situation from a women’s point of view, and although in your specific situation (a man with his wife) I am not sure what I would do, but I do know that if it was just a man I would probably say no.

    I had a situation like this once with a door to door salesman (about my age) who asked if he could use the bathroom after his pitch. Everything had been great up to that point, but once I explained to him that I was uncomfortable with him entering my home (I was alone) the feeling changed. As soon as I turned him away I felt sick knowing that he probably assumed it was because he was black and I was scared of him. The basic truth is that I wouldn’t have let any strange man in while I was alone.

    I grew up in Tacoma, Wash. and had an equal number of asian, black, and white friends. I feel like I get categorized as a “stupid” or “sheltered” white girl because I live in Utah County now.

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