I think the most interesting parts of this week were the video about the hip hop culture and the chapter that we talked about today. I hadn’t ever realized how cookie cutter hip hop videos were. I am not a fan of hip hop music, so I don’t watch the videos, but I can see why they are detrimental. They have all the same themes, and unfortunately they are very damaging.
I also saw a movie tonight called “Racing for Time.” It was a movie about girl in a Texas correctional facility for teenage girls. The main characters were black and Hispanic girls, but there were also a few white girls. The main idea was to show how this man who worked in the correctional facility gets a track team together. He gets the girls to work together. The girls all have their little “gangs” and all of them are by race. All the Hispanics have problems with the blacks and the white and that way. It was interesting to see how the main of idea of showing that the girls were able to overcome their pasts and work together; however, what seemed to happen was a reinforcement of negative stereotypes. It was unfortunate to see how the negative stereotypes that we have talked about in class were shown in these girls’ characters. I was sort of disappointed really. Towards the end the movie got better and didn’t really show just the negative stereotypes.


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