Final Exam Prompts

Comm 2010
Final Exam
Please respond to ONE of the following questions. 3-5 pages (3 FUL pages, NOT 2.5) Due on April 29, at 1 PM in CS721. Standard MLA format. Remember, the question you want to answer is WHY. Why are these things important? Keep questioning the answers you are providing, making sure you are giving full and clear explanation.
Remember, if you take your paper to the writing lab, I will not dock you for spelling/grammar issues. If you would like, I will read drafts of papers up until 4/24 @ 5PM (I will be able to meet with you at any time on Monday, 4/27 to discuss changes).
Question 1:
After reading “No Logo” what are your thoughts on the relationship between consumerism and media? In what ways do media contribute to things like “branding” and the “co-opting of cool”? Is your identity shaped by the media? Why do you think so, or why not? What benefits/detriments come from a society whose ideals are shaped by popular media? What is the effect on the democracy?
Question 2:
In what ways can some of the tools of web 2.0 fuel our democracy? Does the appropriation of the media by individuals have an effect on what we see in mainstream media? Why or why not? Can individuals make changes in society at large by utilizing the tools in media made possible by innovations in technology? What are some examples? What are some possible detriments?
Question 3:
Using any group project as a starting point (your own, included) in what ways do gender/race/class relate to our society and representations in the media? Are outcomes positive, negative, or neutral? What changes can be made in media to create more accurate representations?


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